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Suspicious approach in Bab El Mandeb South of Yemen’s Perim Island

By December 3, 2019Incident Reports

Suspicious Approach


03 Dec 2019


1232N 04326E

Ship Dimension

189.99m × 32.26m 31260Gt

Ship Cargo

Bulk Carrier


7Nm Southwest Perim Island (Yemen)

Source Confidence Level


What Exactly Happened

Incident Overview

A merchant vessel has reported a suspicious approach by a skiff in posn to within a range of 2NM.

Our Experts Say

Dryad Analysis

This is the third suspicious approach incident in the vicinity of the BaM within 2019.  This latest incident occurred 40nm NNE of an approach incident on 24 Feb 19 and 23nm SSE of another approach incident on 1 July 19. Analysis indicates that the vessel approached is likely to be the bulk carrier SSI Nemesis en route to Mombasa. Of note, this incident is yet to be confirmed as a maritime security incident. There is a very high concentration of local fishing traffic in this location, leading to a high false alarm rate. There is no indication that any piracy paraphernalia, inc weapons or ladders, were sighted in this incident. Of note, this incident sits 40nm West of a prominent migratory route from Southern Yemen to the coast of Djibouti. Migratory traffic has increased considerably throughout 2018/19 in this location, and has led to a corresponding increase in the false alarm rate.

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