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Approach – 27nm SW Aden




29 June 2020 0730 UTC


12° 23N – 044° 54E

Ship Dimension


Vessel / Cargo



27nm SW Aden

30nm N IRTC Point Alpha

Source Confidence Level


Incident Overview

Reporting indicates that a skiff approached a Container Ship whilst underway approximately 30nm north of Point Alpha.

The crew identified the skiff at a distance of 4nm, approaching at a speed of up to 20kts. The skiff continued to approach with a Closest Point of Approach of 0.1nm. When within 1nm the skiff changed her course to directly at the Container Ship.

Captain activated the fire hoses, sounded the ship’s whistle and the crew retreated to the Citadel. As the fire hoses where activated, the skiff stopped her approach at an approximate distance of 0.7nm from the Container Ship’s Starboard side.

Dryad Analysis

The nature of this incident remains uncertain, and this is the 10th reported incident within the Gulf of Aden during 2020.

No level of granularity has so far been received to suggest that the incident is a result of piratical activity, however the close approach of the skiff lead to crew taken precautionary defensive measures.

In line with previous reporting there were no reports of items associated with piracy, namely ladders or weapons. The vessel was approached to a distance where upon these items would have been expected to have been visible. It is therefor assessed as unlikely that this incident was associated with an intended act of piracy.

Dryad will update accordingly.

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