There is so much information freely available,I am a member of many groups and we share our best practices so why do I need to pay for it?

We agree! There is often little value in information itself and what you really need is contextual analysis and actionable ‘so-what’ from a trusted source. This is where the vast majority of ‘information’ falls down and we draw on our network of sources to create our balanced recommendations. As humans we are susceptible to following the herd and making decisions that are based on group think and we are the opposite of that.

We use armed guard security companies and they provide risk assessments for free - why do I need anything else?

PASC are good at what they do and we work with many of them. We have yet to see a risk assessment by PASC recommending that its services are not required. We also find that their methodology for assessing risk is backward looking without regard to wider influences and geo-politiacal trends. PASC are also not expert at regions outside of their areas of operations.

I am being asked to provide a recommendation about whether we trade at a certain port. There are complexities that make it difficult and I am nervous about getting it right. What can I do?

This is why you have access to real people. There are several ways you can talk directly with us and we are pretty good at responding fast to your enquiry. Once we fully understand your challenge we can present the analysis and recommendations in a way that works for you.

Do we really need to take armed guards? Everyone seems to require it but there haven’t been incidents this particular region for a long time.

We love this question because in many circumstances we recommend that taking armed guards is not necessary and with a bit of work by all parties’ involved we can facilitate significant cost reductions.

I run a pool and we often have conservative owners that are very risk averse. How can I make my pool more commercially attractive ?

We have seen this situation many times and our clients tell us that having a trusted independent 3rd party advising on the security implications really helps the relationship with owners. By demonstrating the additional due diligence provided by an internationally recognised company like Dryad Global eases fears and reduces demands for additional security costs.

We are a large shipping conglomerate with our own internal security teams dedicated to operational and vessel security. How does Dryad Global add value and fit into our process?

Our clients range from startups to conglomerates and we whilst the specific requirements will be different we scale and resource accordingly. Our largest clients tell us that our analysis and information are integral to their own processes and form a trusted additional feed to their processes.