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Risk is Uncertainty.

With perfect information there would be certainty of outcome. Risks would be known and your decisions would be straightforward.

BUT we all have to work with imperfect information and need to make calculated assessments to guide our security and commercial decisions. 

In a fast-moving security and information environment it is essential to have a proven, consistent and resourced process to inform your decision-making. The information has to be timely, expertly analysed and presented in a way that clarifies, not mystifies, your options. 

The optimum operating space for your business is at your acceptable risk line; this is where companies thrive, and put them ahead of the competition. This is why we work with our customers to define their acceptable risk in order to drive the information requirement and recommendations. 

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Meet Our Team

Sarah Knight


As a student of politics and international relations, Sarah has an enthusiastic interest in international security, geopolitics and strategy, particularly the ways in which great power plays affect international security. She is also fascinated by ethnic conflict and resolution in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Born and raised in Australia, Sarah has a vested interest in the Indo-Pacific region and its increased centrality in international affairs. She is driven by her love for learning, her belief in the importance of international perspectives, and her desire to do work that has a real impact on international security.

Munro Anderson

Intelligence Lead

Munro is a highly experienced intelligence practitioner with over 15 years’ experience operating at the forefront of international relations. With a backgrounding in Military intelligence Munro has gone on to serve in diplomatic posts and lead teams in Africa and Asia. He has a unique and tested experience of intelligence gathering to meet specific customer requirements and knows how to ensure consistent quality through rigorous application of process.

Shannon McSkimming


A student of international relations and languages with an acute attention to detail and love for learning, Shannon was raised in various countries in the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Due to her background she has a keen interest in the role of language and culture in geopolitics and security in the Asia-Pacific region.

Meredyth Grant

Head of Communications

Digital marketer, PR & communications advisor with experience across national & international media, business and the UK Armed Forces. Google Squared Alumni 2018.

Casper Goldman


Dr. Ian

Senior Analyst

With a considerable background in research, applied strategies and statistical analysis, I.M underpin the academic rigor that is applied to the thematic analysis undertaken at Dryad Global. His unique focus is the long term impact of dynamic geopolitical trends and security incidents on the maritime industry. He has a wealth of experience delivering bespoke products for clients with unique security requirements.

Teresa Peacock

Senior Leader

Teresa is currently Managing Director at Spinnaker Global and a member of the Maritime UK’s Diversity Taskforce, a board member of the Women's International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA UK) and a part of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Women and Work. Her experience spans a career in recruitment of over 30 years, most recently working to deliver major global recruitment projects in shipping and the offshore and oil & gas markets in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Middle East, Far East, Africa and Europe.

Ritesh Ksheersagar

Lead Developer

Phil Diacon

Team Leader

Phil has been leading teams and building organisations for 25 years having created online and off-line businesses in varying sectors. He specialises in setting up and growing teams so that the individual can thrive and be recognised for the work that is in their flow. He is an expert at creating a long term vision and implementing the systems to achieve it.
Having started his career as a Fighter Pilot, Phil also has a strong heritage in intelligence and operations including the maritime sphere where he has been working for the last 4 years.
Phil loves his pale pink Roses


Come and Join our winning team! Shape the industry. Make a difference.

Are you experienced in maritime or geopolitical analysis? Are you a mariner with a deep commercial understanding of the industry or are you simply interested in interconnected world events?
We are global operators and source talent from around the world and we have very flexible ways for you to contribute.

Please note: we do not employ security guards/ MSOs. All our armed guards services are provided by our brokerage service.

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