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Suspicious Approach – 60nm South Takoradi

By April 10, 2020Incident Reports

Suspicious Approach


10 April 2020 0717Z


03°56’N, 001°45’W

Ship Dimension


Vessel / Cargo



60nm South Takoradi

Source Confidence Level


Incident Overview

Reporting indicates that the MT BITU ATLANTIC was approached by a 15m long skiff with red and white hull and-6-7 persons on-board.

Skiff is reported ton have approached to within 50m. No ladder or weapons were sighted. After 30 minutes, skiff broke off pursuit.

Crew and ship were reported safe.

Dryad Analysis

This latest incident has occurred at in an area absent of previous reporting. Within 2020 there has been one incident at the Takoradi anchorage north of this location. Within 2019 Takoradi had three reported incidents however these were all reported within the anchorage area.

Maritime crime with the intent of boarding a commercial vessel would be a highly unusual incident within this location.

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