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Attack – 65nm NW Puertos Dos Bocas – Gulf of Mexico

By April 10, 2020Incident Reports



10 April 2020


19° 36’N 093°19’W

Ship Dimension


Vessel / Cargo



65nm NW Puertos Dos Bocas

Source Confidence Level


Incident Overview

Reporting from the Italian Coastguard has indicates that an Italian flag vessel has been attacked in the Gulf of Mexico, 65nm NW, Puertos Dos Bocas.

No further details known.

Dryad Analysis

This is understood to be the second such incident on a vessel calling at the HSP Platform this month. In a previous indent reported on the 04 April 20 crew on board a pipe laying vessel noticed a boat with eight armed persons approaching at high speed. Alarm sounded, accommodation locked down and all crew mustered. As the boat approached from the stern it started firing at the vessel. Using the thrusters the Master was able to prevent the boat from coming alongside resulting in the boat aborting and moving away. Port Control notified via VHF and a patrol boat was dispatched to the location.

The details of the latest incident remain unclear.

The Gulf of Mexico continues to be a relatively stable region, despite reports of an increase in offshore criminal activity. International maritime monitoring organisations have recorded four incidents in the previous 12 months targeting tankers and offshore supply vessels. Dryad assesses that there is a significant degree of under-reporting of incidents in the region. Piracy is concentrated in the southern Mexican state of Campeche. Pirates have historically targeted oil rigs and tankers with the intent of robbing personal valuables and items which can be sold on black markets in and around Mexico. Despite the low risk, piracy incidents can be violent, often involving weapons and firearms with a willingness to shoot and intimidate. Despite the recent reporting it is assessed that the Gulf of Mexico continues to present a low risk trading option for commercial vessels.

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