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Gulf of Guinea

By August 28, 2019Incident Reports

Possible Kidnap


15 August 19 0118 UTC


03′ 52?40N – 009′ 31,1E

Ship Dimension


Ship Cargo



Douala Anchorage

Source Confidence Level


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Incident Overview

Reporting indicates that the cargo vessels VICTORY C and MARMALAITA have been boarded when anchored at the entry of  Wouri river, Douala anchorage, Cameroon. Currently the number of perpetrators is unknown however reporting suggests all were armed with AK47.

A distress signal was sent, however it is unclear from which vessel. It is believed that a Cameroonian Naval vessel attended the scene to support the vessels under attack.

On arrival at the scene it was discovered that a number of crew members were unaccounted for from both vessels. Missing persons are presumed kidnapped.

Our Expert Say's

Dryad Analysis

This is the third MARSEC incident in this location within 2019. Whilst the Conakry anchorage has a legacy of occasional MARSEC incidents, the overall volume of incidents is significantly lower than the majority of high volume ports across West Africa. This incident is unusual for the degree to which perpetrators were armed. Most often boarding’s in this location are perpetuated by unarmed individuals seeking to target vessels for opportunistic theft. It is highly likely that perpetrators, inspired by success, will seek to target other vessels in the near future.

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