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Suspicious Approach – 55nm SW Aden – Eastbound IRTC

By April 23, 2020Incident Reports

Suspicious Approach


23 April 2020


12° 15.0’N 044°40.0’E

Ship Dimension


Vessel / Cargo



MSTC  – Bab al Mandeb – 55nm SW Aden

Source Confidence Level


Incident Overview

Reporting indicates that vessel has been approached whilst transiting Eastbound MSTC 55nm SW Aden. Reports indicate that the vessel was approached resulting in the embarked AST firing warning shots. The skiffs were said to have withdrawn. Further reporting indicated that a further vessel 12nm East reported a similar approach after this initial incident.

It was reported that up to 6 skiffs were sighted within the area, it remains unclear how many skiffs approached the vessels. No weapons or ladders reported at this time.

Dryad will update accordingly.

Dryad Analysis

This latest incident is the 8th recorded approach within the MSTC / IRTC in 2020 and the 4th incident in the vicinity of the Southern Bab al Mandab.

Incidents have thus far all been recorded as suspicious approaches.

Thus far there has been a 100% increase in reporting throughout this area, within the first quarter of 2020 compared with all recorded incidents in 2019. Despite this there remains little evidence to suggest a significance increase in the maritime security threat art this stage. There are currently no incidences of vessels undergoing persistent approach, or shots being fired at vessels and other key indicators of piracy intent.

It is not yet known whether ladders or weapons were sighted in this instance.

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