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Suspicious Approach 50nm South Lomé


Suspicious Approach


05 March 2020 0746hrs UTC


05°21’45N 001°31’48E

Ship Dimension

183.34 x 32.2

Vessel / Cargo


50nm South Lomé

Source Confidence Level


Incident Overview

Reporting indicates that the STI BOSPHOROUS has been approached  by one skiff with 9-10 POB. The tanker took evasive manoeuvres, and increased her speed and activated the fire hoses. The skiff approached to less than 1nm from the tanker before discontinuing her approach.

Dryad Analysis

This is the first recorded incident in the waters off Togo within 2020. The incident is however 37nm NW of two incidents in the waters south of Cotonou. The latest incident resulted in the kidnapping of 9 crew from the ALPINE PENELOPE on the 20 February 20.

Vessels are advised to exercise extreme caution in this area.

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