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Kidnapping – 25nm NW Luba – Equatorial Guinea

By November 21, 2019Incident Reports

Suspected Kidnapping


20 Nov 2019


03 45.0N 008 15.0E

Ship Dimension

68.95m × 15.5m 2327Gt

Ship Cargo

Operations Support Vessel


30nm NW Luba, Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea,

Source Confidence Level


What Exactly Happened

Incident Overview

Reporting indicates that when transiting from Luba, Boiko island to Serpentina /Zafiro field complex, the offshore supply vessel PACIFIC WARDEN was attacked by 2 speed boats. Reporting indicates that pirates boarded the PACIFIC WARDEN with initial reports stating that seven crew members have been abducted.

Our Experts Say

Dryad Analysis

This is the third kidnapping incident within 30nm of the western side of Bioko Island within 2019 with two additional incidents involving vessels being fired upon at a distance of 50nm. It is assessed that the piracy conducted in this area originates from within Nigerian waters. The PAG involved is believed to be a well-established grouping with significant resources and the capacity to conduct deep offshore operations via a mothership vessel. It is assessed that the PAG involved is seeking to conduct operations beyond the Nigerian EEZ seeking to exploit the relative absence of established security presence in the 60nm channel between the Nigerian EEZ and Bioko. All incidents within 2019 in this area have involved offshore support vessels with particularly vulnerable vessel parameters.

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