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DROGBA attacked between Lagos & Port Harcourt – 45nm SW Bonny

By December 30, 2019Incident Reports



30 Dec 2019


03 42.0N 006 40.8E

Ship Dimension

199m x 32m

Ship Cargo

Bulk Carrier


45nm SW Bonny

Source Confidence Level


What Exactly Happened

Incident Overview

Reporting indicates that when transiting between Lagos and Port Harcourt located at about 45nm SSW Bonny Island, the cargo vessel DROGBA has been attacked.

It is understood that the alarm was raised and crew members mustered within citadel with the exception of the captain who remained in charge of the vessel.  The pirates are understood to have engaged in a brief firefight with the Nigerian navy personnel on-board and the pirates withdrew.

Our Experts Say

Dryad Analysis

This incident sits within the traditional heartland of maritime crime within the Nigerian EEZ. Trends within 2019 have however seen a 20% reduction in incidents in this location vs those of 2018 and a distinct shift in incident concentration has occurred throughout 2019 to the southern and eastern fringe of the Nigerian EEZ. This latest incident occurred 6nm of a previous boarding incident on the 17 Aug 19 against the NAVIGATOR CAPRICORN

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