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All the tools you need to make smart risk and security decisions

Global Country Security Index

Respond to latest developments with actionable recommendations

Security Personnel

Armed guard placement service through competitive bidding

Transit Risk Profiling

Match your risk profile and select from our recommendations

Incidents and reports analysis

Exclusive first look recommendations on global events

Port of Call / crew transfer

Latest commercial and security events and implications

Direct Team Access

Consult directly with analysts


What is it?

ATLAS INFORM by Dryad Global, is our flagship resource of global maritime security intelligence – easily understood and actionable security analysis with recommendations whenever you need it. This one-stop solution gives your business the option to make fast commercial decisions.

One Product for one monthly price.

Your intelligence hub providing up-to-date intelligence analysis and actionable recommendations,  risk assessments, incident reports and recommendations/support on wider global events that directly impact your operations.

Leverage our network. 

Trusted advice and recommendations – the industry’s largest operators trust us.  So can you.

The vessel was described as being 'on fire and adrift' in the Gulf of Oman. Credit: AP

Overview of features

Country security profile summaries and supporting details
High level port/terminal risk to vessels profile summaries
Clear visual summaries:
risk to vessels and risk to personnel ashore
Key Port activity summaries vessel movements and port/terminal status
Risk to operations from migration trends
Continually updated recommendations for vessels/personnel
Over 50 Key countries assessed
Regional Overviews and themes
Easy-view Country Risk Profile
Country maritime risk profile
Country ashore risk profile
Recommendations ashore 
Incident analysis
Vessel routing specific threat profile 
Regional overview and contextual amplifications
Threat to vessels description
Threat of Military interference 
Weather impact on overall threat profile 
‘Actions-on’  recommendations
PASC concierge Service all regions
Fully vetted PASC providers
ITM compliant
PASC competitive bidding 
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Who is it for?

Designed by Mariners for Mariners

Do you want to increase value in your organisation and help create more commercial wins in a complex security world?

Are you trying to do it all alone? Are you overwhelmed by information and opinions and don’t know what to recommend or to trust?

Would you like the benefit of highly experienced and trusted security specialists on your team?

Are your people reliant on you to protect them and their assets?

Mariners are a tough and self-reliant.  We are raised this way because at sea it’s just us, our crew, and a thin sheet of metal separating us from the harshest of environments.  We are action-takers accustomed to ‘doing it all’ and working long and hard because that’s what is expected, and we are good at it.  

You are probably wearing many ‘hats’ in your job and you need to make important decisions every day. You are finding yourself taking on more all the time because you are someone who gets stuff done.   How we use our time has the largest effect on our results and finding a trusted partner to help you deliver is a relief. Like having a really good deck officer – remember that feeling?  

What problems does Marine1 help solve?

Lets you focus on your primary role
Reduce wasted time trying to make sense of information
Handle instructions from charterers with confidence
Make fast access decisions for trades
Lobby your insurance premiums
Convince stakeholders with clear arguments for your operational requirements 
Plan for safe crew change operations 
Prevent reliance on false reporting, rumour or group think
Gives you confidence in your recommendations
Trust – recommendations are impartial
Prevent costly over-reactions to emergent situations
Provide vessel masters with guidance on security conduct
Easy to understand visuals. 
Immediate Incident alerts notification 
Save administration time and cost
Respond rapidly
Understand geo-political implications
Gain commercial edge- access where others feel they can’t
Get you specific question answered
Drive positive and evidence based security solutions internally
Enrich your commercial offering to pool partners
Enhance business continuity 
Translate industry best practice and ISPS applications into functional security plans
Benefit from network of sources 
PASC Contract administration done for you
Have PASC price negotiations handled for you
Need help? Have a trusted go-to team