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How do you know if your port-call or transit is wise? At Dryad Global we make it our business to provide our clients with the tools to maximise trading opportunities in complex environments whilst understanding the risks. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt perfectly safe but later your friends and family ask about the ‘warzone’ you have just visited? All too often we see reporting that exaggerates security situations and is at best agenda-driven and at worst misleading.

Our risk intelligence suite is built on a deep understanding of geopolitical situations and local events to build your picture of the risks to mariners, operations and vessels. Our deep data analysis set out the trends and implications in the context of your operations; providing you with clear courses of action from a trusted source to present to your stakeholders.

Risk Analysis

Transit and Port of Call Security Assessments

Our transit risk assessments are the cornerstone of any commercial decision-making and are tailored to the specific understanding of your operations. Risks to crew and vessel are understood in terms of traditional maritime security threats as well as asymmetric threats beyond the mandates of BMP5 and ISPS codes.

Often the primary risk to vessel and crew exists at ports and our port of call risk assessment draws on our extensive reach to describe any shore-side risks to commercial operations and crew safety. Our teams have continuous oversight of the critical ports of interest and will help you deduce whether a destination is acceptable to your organisation.

Maritime Regional

Security Reports

Understand global maritime events and trends and be informed on maritime security matters happening around the world. Make informed decisions with our focussed analysis on the Marine hotspots; Straits of Hormuz, Gulf of Aden, West Africa South East Asia, Libya, Latin America and Caribbean.

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Global Country

Security Profile

Your up-to-date security analysis and recommendations on over 50 key countries worldwide. Stay informed on emerging trends and don’t rely on crisis response. Do you need to assess port and in-country security for a crew transfer or decide on commercial access implications? This report is updated constantly and is your ideal resource in response to emerging events.

Maritime Security Incident Alerts

Incident Reports and Analysis

Our incident reports and analysis are market-leading; they are frequently picked up by the trade press to expand their own reader’s awareness so you can certainly trust the quality. Receive immediate access to enhanced incident reports and analysis that informs the industry. We know your life is busy enough so we do not report every attempted robbery; rather we ensure that what we say adds value to your understanding of the security situation.

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